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midimachine's News

Posted by midimachine - April 14th, 2017

good friday is important! its good cause there's a GOOD reason for it! and the name of the reason is jesus!

i made an educational audiobook for those of you not caught up to speed on the miracle of the christmas egg




Posted by midimachine - March 21st, 2017

yea i'm still doing the thing. a song every day in 2017! they're not all good. or finished. but whatever! i haven't missed a day yet, but i also haven't started anything today so who knows :v

january: https://soundcloud.com/midimachine/sets/2017-jan
february: https://soundcloud.com/midimachine/sets/2017-feb
march: https://soundcloud.com/midimachine/sets/2017-mar

averaging at ~2 minutes per thing which i think is okay! much better than i thought i'd be doing when i started tbh
pic unrelated (jk it's me gurnin' hard af during a set at square sounds this year :v)

srsly what a fuckin rude head


Posted by midimachine - January 8th, 2017

posting it on soundcloud mostly but i did put this one up on the FIRST day wow:


the rest are here*. anyway wish me luck frens!

*actual link: https://soundcloud.com/midimachine/sets/2017-jan

pic unrelated


Posted by midimachine - November 12th, 2015




Posted by midimachine - December 30th, 2014

live shows that i am playing in 2015:

- March 8th
@ The Valve Bar
playing as RANCID MEATFLAPS, doing electro grindcore stuff

- March 19th (probably)
Square Sounds Festival (Melbourne) pre party and/or open mic
it'll be chiptune and stuff (i.e. Victory Road)
old m8 @jarrydn aka atomsmasha is playing the main festival too!

- April 11th
@ Marrickville Bowling Club
will be playing live old-school acid tech with a volca beats n 303
or maybe doing a set of original hard acid? TBA!

more to be announced!

cool stuff that happened in 2014:
- played dumb chip music at square sounds festival & AVCON and people actually enjoyed it!
- speaking of AVCON, i did a panel there with a bunch of guys all about what chip music is
- sort of helped out with a how-to-LSDJ workshop with Sabrepulse, but probably didn't help that much lol
- kinda "headlined" the ChipWIN vol. 3 compilation? ok not a big deal but it was still cool
- done got another thing released on SectionZ Records, maybe one day i'll actually get an EP together :v
- got into honours for my psyc undergrad (this was actually hard to do lmao)


Posted by midimachine - August 26th, 2014

var yourscore:Number = Math.floor(Math.random()*10);


Posted by midimachine - April 30th, 2014

i feel like this is an appropriate place to put this (was a bit racey for the NG audio group on facebook :v)

(edit: link for context)



Posted by midimachine - August 26th, 2013

HEY. I got invited to play at a chip music festival in Melbourne called Square Sounds, but for real this time! Main stage n all that! Alongside the likes of Sabrepulse, NNNNNNNNNN, SEXY SYNTHESIZER, and local legends little-scale and Brainbeau

The show is run by the Sound Bytes crew, who do quarterly shows you may have seen featured on destructoid/kotaku at some point. ANYWAY they are running a crowdfunding initiative on pozible, so if you can't make it to the show (March 28-29 in Melbourne) you can still pledge some buckeroos to support the international chip community and get some sweet gear and musics in the process.

http://www.pozible.com/project/32002 <- just do it ok pls i love you yes

For real though, get amongst it! Don't forget to like my shit on facebook for extra updates and shenanigans!

(P.S.: image is the property of Sound Bytes)

Square Sounds Melbourne - Chip Music Festival!


Posted by midimachine - August 7th, 2013

HEY. what do you think of CHIPTUNES and VOCALS put together?

i ask cause j. arthur keenes is releasing his first full length album on the 10th and shirobon recently came back to the scene with a really slick track with sweet vocoder-ey bits. these dudes are kinda polar opposites in terms of their implementation of both vocals and chip sounds, but both seem really well received.

NOW some of you might've heard my chip stuff under the alias Victory Road, and if you have that's fucking cool of you. IF NOT then idk just check out the newest song of mine on NG right on my profile or on the front page cause that's where it is at the moment. btw it's getting taken down eventually cause it'll be on the next victory road release. OH but SPEAKING OF WHICH, the next v-road release will be fuckin JAM PACKED with vocals, BUT i'm thinking of including instrumentals for you knobs that don't like vocals.

anyway tl;dr: chiptune with vocals, y/n?

oh, and like my shit on facebook for more frequent Victory Road updates loooool

A Question for Chiptune Fans!


Posted by midimachine - June 17th, 2013

yes it's true

anyway here is my cat she is called tesla and she is trying to have sits in a bad place but i think she can get down although i don't know how she got up there

hey guys i need 4 cents okay