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2008-12-15 18:46:52 by midimachine

oh wait i can post on the frontpage still...

last post was 13 days since the frontpage post i made before...

i'm retarded D:


2008-12-14 19:59:12 by midimachine

I can't post on the front page anymore because I uploaded a couple flashes that people think are shit. To be honest, they're right.

toot toot.

oh shit new (short) toon

2008-12-01 06:02:57 by midimachine

It's a madness type thing. It's serious business.

In other news, noone died today!

New (old) track on the Audio Portal! Woo and also yay!

2008-09-24 22:31:39 by midimachine

It's self titled. It's actually an old track that I just uploaded. It fucking ROCKS UNNNFFFFF.

If you appreciate advanced FL Studio mechanics and trickery you will enjoy it. If not you will still enjoy it because it's badass.

Here's one of those things called a "hyperlink" that will direct you to the new song, entitled "The Midi Machine"



I'm not actually a flash person anymore.

I'm a musician. I guess. I make a lot of wacky electronic music (some of which is on this site but not much at all really).

I've released an EP. GO GEDDIT ---> http ://rapidshare .com/files/141201722/electroredux_-_em otion_ep.zip .html (remove the spaces, ofc).

A concept LP is in the works also. I, I, I. Me, Me, Me. DIG ME GUYSZ

comment if you cared. or if you didnt.

im srs about the what i think about madness movie guyszszszs

Aww Gee Thanks Guyzs

2008-02-17 18:51:40 by midimachine

I totally wasn't expecting such critical acclaim for "You Are Boring." Thanks to everybody who voted and reviewed and everyone who is going to. As a token of my gratitude, please accept this gift of cottage cheese.

If you haven't already, go check out the movie. It's really good, apparently. This is a very big link, by the way.

Aww Gee Thanks Guyzs

Why don't I make one now?