daniel harris

2014-04-30 01:46:34 by midimachine

i feel like this is an appropriate place to put this (was a bit racey for the NG audio group on facebook :v)

(edit: link for context)



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2014-04-30 06:43:45

If we could like posts I would like this twice.


2014-04-30 17:45:49

I don't know why I laughed at this.


2014-05-01 10:29:56

I think the penis is a bit too generous.


2014-08-19 03:32:05

I was really busy while this was going down, at least the creep got caught. I imagine there's a dirt poor, city street somewhere, where some kid is hawking CD's and cassettes of what's in our audio portal :\ But yeah, the higher end thieves like (the one mentioned in the thread) should be strung up by their virtual balls, forbidden to access the internet for one year, at the very least