hey i've made a song every day in 2017 so far

2017-03-21 04:00:43 by midimachine

yea i'm still doing the thing. a song every day in 2017! they're not all good. or finished. but whatever! i haven't missed a day yet, but i also haven't started anything today so who knows :v

january: https://soundcloud.com/midimachine/sets/2017-jan
february: https://soundcloud.com/midimachine/sets/2017-feb
march: https://soundcloud.com/midimachine/sets/2017-mar

averaging at ~2 minutes per thing which i think is okay! much better than i thought i'd be doing when i started tbh
pic unrelated (jk it's me gurnin' hard af during a set at square sounds this year :v)

srsly what a fuckin rude head


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2017-03-21 07:01:06

Wellllllll... sir.... you're in it to win it, much respect for your dedication, and may every single day bring more delightful music :3


2017-03-21 13:01:24

Damn! Very impressive! Been trying to do 1 animation a week myself but missed two or three so I gotta play catch up :)

Keep going strong my dude!