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Claudius Claudius

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

love the development in this. i think there should've been more of an introduction to that intro section - i feel like big, epic orchestrations like that lose their sense of scale when they're presented on their own. so in that sense the long build of the second half was more enjoyable for me

lots of nice textures threaded together here. really liked the way the harp kinda pulls away with that pause at ~ 1:02 and again at ~1:11, the way the oboe slides into the arrangement after that last pause is wonderful. that final cadence was pretty great! don't like that the render cuts off without letting the timpani finish ringing out, though :v

v solid work.

The Cry of Eden The Cry of Eden

Rated 4 / 5 stars

gonna just say things that come to mind as i listen:
not a fan of the piano reverb
snare could have a bit more... snare?
pan those hats too, maybe. all the other drums are panned nicely (but not used enough imo)
solo guitar reverb is also kinda ott and not nice-sounding
is the guitar double tracked? needs to be wider i think.
actually the rhythm guitar lacks definition in general, imo
transition out of the middle section at 2:25 needs some kinda drumfill to grease the change between sections a bit
oh, but the piano sounds much nicer all ghosty and reverby in that later section
yeah other than that it's pretty cool!

RealFaction responds:


Come Again Come Again

Rated 2 / 5 stars

really should carve some envelope into that sub bass, or at least duck it under the kick
i like all the filtered reflections that come through on the right after about 1:30

overall though the sound design needs way more effort. it sounds like someone who doesn't really listen to much dance music trying to make what they think dance music sounds like with 3xosc presets. but i guess the description kinda says it all haha

Northwing Fury II Northwing Fury II

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

hey now this is more up my alley
the amens sound great! the only real problem is that i can't tell where the downbeat is until the guitar comes in :v
though maybe you were going for that? it feels like some of the early squarepusher stuff where he just cut loose in the drum solos.
the bass sounds plenty bassy to me

Blacklawn responds:

Looks like I always gain half a star with every review of yours, haha... Well, it's good to know I'm improving.

I wanted the drum solo to be furious and chaotic, but I guess some people think I've overdone it. Maybe I should tone it down.

I'm sorry, buuuutttt..... I'm sorry, buuuutttt.....

Rated 3 / 5 stars

sounds like you played it hammered in the studio too haha
if this mix was a group of friends, the brass would be that really loud guy who always interrupts a good conversation with some obnoxious bullshit you don't care about.
i would be too embarrassed to listen to this ever again
punk as fuck but. it was ok!

FustigateM responds:

this mix is a group of friends ;)

the fun is all in the live shows anyways haha.

the trombone does seem to throw alot of people off though... I 'spose im going to have to call a band meeting to talk to him about it.

oh, and we were hammered in the studio, and we didn't plan on recording this track, but we had some extra time so we did.

thanks for the feedback man! i'll make sure to return the favor.

Follow Me Follow Me

Rated 3 / 5 stars

i don't like how the piano feels in this, like it just goes BANG and cuts out immediately. doesn't feel right to me in this song.
and for me that first riff is kinda annoying to listen to even once, so the repetition isn't really the issue haha
otherwise, i enjoyed the second half of the track and those distorted backing synths in particular are really nice.

Absolute Wave Absolute Wave

Rated 3 / 5 stars

if it makes you feel any better i thought most of the transitions were fine, but you could probably shape them more so that the abrupt parts come in more dramatically.

like, what i mean by shaping would be like having the guitar fade in very quietly like a bar before it's mean to start playing, but only fade up to a fraction of the full volume so that it still comes in really hard... aaaagh it's difficult to explain. but it gives the "drops" (pardon the term) a lot of extra energy and makes abrupt transitions feel a lot more purposeful (AND a lot more abrupt, sometimes)

you won't always need to do that, but i find it really helps make "abrupt" changes feel more natural even if the effect is reaaaally subtle

mix could be a lot tighter, too much reverb imo (try a higher cutoff frequency and shorter delay)
or even if it was less wet and more selective, not every instrument should have the same amount of reverb in most situations
also everything is trying to be the same volume and stepping over the other instruments places in the spectrum (mainly in the bass region). when this is happening you should be using EQ to cut holes in one instrument to make room for another. look up "subtractive mixing", i'm really bad at explaining it haha

anyway the composition was alright and i can hear where you've made some interesting and unique choices, especially in that one arpeggio.

VL - Nothing Goes My Way VL - Nothing Goes My Way

Rated 4 / 5 stars

not epic symphonic tiesto dream trance, this sux
worst review ever, i am sorry.

no okay here are some actual thoughts:
kick could do with some more oomph i think.
the pitch bends on that one ping-pong delay'd synth are wacky but they sound really cool
too much intro, or maybe it's just that it's all DJ-friendly and stuff. anyway i feel like the intro lingers too long, but if it was a really soft and sensual intro of the same length you could build it up so the big sections come in more dramatically. at the moment it feels like it just runs out of steam

also the main melody is very noodly and not very memorable
but the middle section is grrrrrrrreat. awkward transition back into the 4x4 beat though. make trancey breaks 4 lyf.

fuckin, opinions n shit :v

overall it was really nicely layered and stuff and mixed pretty damn well except for the kick, but i'm starting to have second thoughts about that actually. that clapsnare is really slick.

{RGH} - Rose Gardens {RGH} - Rose Gardens

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

intro sounds very dry
OH these are like general midi samples.
i like how the arrangement picks up at ~ 1:20. the really bassy bass is too bassy, though - it's causing some some intermodulation with the kickdrum and it's nasty!
next section that builds up at ~ 2:00 is cool, i like the way the drums fade in. the synth choice is very new wave haha. the arpeggios at the end are pretty sweet, that repeated minor chord on the sine-y sorta patch is a touch loud though.
yeah, the fadeout is a bit of a cop-out, innit? generally the song is lacking direction and cohesiveness and yeaaah i get that it's stream of consciousness BUT i feel like you'd be better off making a couple of songs based around the various motifs in this; instead of having one forgettable listen you can make two or three really memorable ones.

RyeGuyHead responds:

I just got my hands on some Native Instruments plug-ins, so my sound quality should be looking up soon...

Souless Souless

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

the way the guitar volume drops off at 0:12 is really unnatural, gotta let the palm and the reverb do the work there
other stuff is played pretty naturally but sounds "sampled" (not a deal breaker), there's a little triplet/3-3-2 bit at the end of each measure of that main riff though and it sounds percussive instead of strummed, like someone playing a guitar sound on a keyboard.
for the snare rolls, have you got a multisampled drumkit? the snare has that machine-gun effect in the fills, just needs some different samples of the same drum for the softer hits.
didn't really notice much else with the sequencing. pretty solid!

the other thing is that the lead guitar could probably sound more... forward i guess? it's drowning in reverb and it's pushing the solos and licks behind everything else a little bit when they should be right up front. it's giving them this cold, muffled texture as well, not sure if you wanted that. there's too much reverb in general for my taste, but i guess it's well implemented and fits the song.

this is cool power metal-ey battle music sorta stuff! once it starts it doesn't really shift gears for long, i think you could fit an extended bridge solo without drums and another repeat at the end with a big shred for the finish. NGADM-worthy!

Sielumetsien responds:

Yes sir you were totally right, the instruments were samples and tracked on modplug (I'm still struggling on instrument editing). The snares were also sampled, I only tracked them on small amount of random volumes so they sound really artificial. I couldn't load many VSTs at the same time so I had to record them to WAV.