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this speaks to me on a deep emotional level

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You got a 6/10 for being unoriginal from a fan of fucking _Madness_ of all things.

The people on this website are retarded.

Nice toon though.

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i tried to make something like this but with a sequencer a few years ago, the main problem i ran into was that there's way too much latency to be able to play properly. also doesn't always like to play the sound, especially if you want to trigger the same one in quick succession.

would be nice if the closed hat gated the open hat too. but latency would probably screw around with that too :v

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Ryuno074 responds:

About the latency, could you tell me what browser you are using? The people who tested it for me on Chrome, Firefox and Opera didn't experience it, so I'm curious as what could have happened and if there are workarounds.

>would be nice if the closed hat gated the open hat too. but latency would probably screw around with that too :v
I actually tested that feature earlier, but it didn't work for Chrome. The information Construct 2 sended as "stop Open Hat" was interpreted as "stop all sounds and don't play Closed hat either", so I had to remove it since Chrome is still a really big part of the "market". I'm still planning on having it for ports other than web, because it does sound much better and I don't think we'd find that incompatibility issue there.

i drew a dick

it was amazing

newgroundsy review

i gave this a 0 because there were no upgrades or achievements and there were no references to video game IPs or internet memes also when i was playing the first level my computer exploded you should fix that glitch!!!

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I gave It A

zero because ur lame and its 2006 hgaha get REKT son
(for more quality in-jokes pls visit the chips compo discord ft ur boi johnfn and midimachines)

johnfn responds:

i said VOTE FAIR

i mean its literally in caps

what more do you want

rly good, but why couldn't the mix be as big and punchy as the last section the whole way through?! D:

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johnfn responds:

actually an intentional choice! i tried it, but it was too tiring to listen to a lot, so i eased up to decrease fatigue.

i like this a lot and i'm sad to see your tenure in the NGADM come to a close! this track has more going on than its simple future bass/pop facade lets on. i think the mix feels a little too dense overall, the pads and vocals are heavy on the low-mids and this is especially noticeable just before the last drop @ ~3:05 when the snares come in and the vocal harmonies compound (i loooove this section regardless btw).

otherwise, this is a really well executed future pop track with a fantastic hook and solid production. please keep sharing!

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steelside responds:

I'm still in the competition man!

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