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Bright Morning Bright Morning

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

intro is super cringe! the sound effects you used are just way too dry and ham-fisted.
piano is kinda muddy, got dat default FL keys vibe - maybe go for a brighter tone and scoop some midrange out with an EQ for that oldschool jungle/rave piano sound? kick and snare don't cut through like they should, get yer sidechains on bud.

lacks a strong melody or catchy hook, at the moment it just plods along with the piano riff and quiet supersaw pad. this track also needs a bassline super bad, like it really feels unfinished without it. have a look for some more unique drum sounds, or process them a bit; right now the whole track sounds like a bunch of FL presets thrown together. there is some good overall musicality here but unfortunately it's marred by a bunch of pretty serious flaws!

keep it up bud

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5TanLey responds:

Finally a rev that actually says something to me, thx dood

Blue Midnight Blue Midnight

Rated 2 / 5 stars

first thing you need to do is turn a bunch of stuff down, the whole track is exploding with compression - if you turn the master limiter off and you see red then keep turning stuff down. there's probably quite a good track here but it just gets so messy when everything builds up.

actually if you made the kick shorter or EQ'd the sub bass out of it you'd definitely have a lot more room to be loud. you almost always only want one bassy sound playing at a time and the kick is overlapping with the bassline (and almost everything else too hehe). also upload your stuff at a quality more suited to 2015, just because you're using classic trance synths doesn't mean you should be using a late-90s mp3 bitrate :P - you also get the benefit of about half a decibel of extra headroom if that means anything to you.

ANYWAY the song itself is pretty standard euro dancey stuff like i was making in 2003. would be good to have more percussion in the buildups, like a big 909 snare rush or noise sweep. i wish i could be more help on the composition side of things but this is really hard to listen to for more than about 10 seconds with the way you've mastered it. nice try, keep it up!

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JMSy responds:

thanks but there is no mastering, compression or limiter on it...just single synths each eq'd seperately, guess my mixing is off though.

NOw aside the production stuff the song itself...YEP i guess thats my problem all my songs sound like 99-04...mix of trance, rave, euro dance....i really wanna get with the times but my memory musical bank is stuck in my youth lol...ah well cheers for review.

Space Invaders Deluxe Space Invaders Deluxe

Rated 4 / 5 stars

really liking the legit disco stylings, that big meaty bass and sassy lead hnnnnnngh. reminds me of virt's stuff on the mighty switch force osts. everything is really well thought out and consistent, maybe too consistent though? like the drop back into that last chorus was a little disappointing and the ending could've been more dramatic, maybe bring the melody up instead of down and end on giant crash or something idk. really nice use of modulations in the verses and great use of triplet fills, really keeps each section separate but still tied to the same instrumentation.

something virt does which i think would benefit this piece a lot is cutting little rests into everything before going into "drops" or when winding down a big chorus. silence really emphasises everything around it, definitely try using it a little! also maybe dial back that phaser effect in that last little bridge section, feels a bit extreme to me.

anyway good work, keep doing this

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TheMightyApple responds:

Thanks for the feedback! :)

build up with drop build up with drop

Rated 4 / 5 stars

prxg as fvck

the 505-ey kinda snare is a bit too floppy imo
also i think the drop needs a bit more space, maybe hold off on the siren for a few bars?

its r8 good m8

Sequenced responds:


HertogJ HertogJ

Rated 2 / 5 stars

this is like IDM vs trap haha

i like how you modulate your synths and the kinds of rhythm variations you're using. not really a fan of that bass tone, i think it needs to be either more twangy or super low, at the moment it has this really rubbery feel which i don't think fits the rest of the track.

would've been nice to have a 2nd synth lead in the breakdown or something. as it stands it feels super repetitive as a whole even though there's all these fills and stuff. maybe space those fills out more sparsely and develop that synth riff some more? i dunno!

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PrognoiseBIG responds:

Thats a nice review , I have to thank you for your honesty, you just comfirmd what someone else also said. Twice in a Row means Change the show right =).

Good way you described it as Rubbery Feel. Ill Change that Condom Feeling and take that bass to the next Fucking leveling.

Greets ,TFYo Time.

Beat Streak Beat Streak

Rated 2 / 5 stars

first thing i would do is cut some note envelopes into that melody and bassline, it's kinda just one volume the whole time and it's kinda boring. note envelopes will also help you put accents on the most important rhythmic parts of the melody so that the timing of the melody doesn't get lost (louder drums would help that too though)

also there's a thing that you can do with a lot of different chips called pulsewidth modulation (or just PWM) and it sounds really cool and you should grab a synth that will let you do it. magical 8bit plugin would be good cause it locks you into the 3 basic pulse sounds that most old chips used, although if you used something like synth1 or ts404 if you're using FL you can get that really smooth PWM sound like the commodore SID chip could make and which a million demoscene/cracktro people sampled later on.

anyway keep it up, listen to lots of modern chip music to see what the meta is like at the moment, and hopefully we'll see more from you later!

My Name My Name

Rated 5 / 5 stars

song of the year 2012

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TheBetterAudioPortal responds:

Was the 'Pryda snare' a popular sample back then?

Critz Critz

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

midimachine: so stupid
midimachine: but i like it
sequenced: can i get laid now
midimachine: the brass-ey lead is so ridiculously strident compared to everything else i love that
sequenced: uh
sequenced: the saw?
midimachine: yeah at 0m31s
sequenced: is that a good thing or bad thing
midimachine: the octave selection n filtering makes it feel like a big brass section
midimachine: no its good
sequenced: YAY
midimachine: like it sounds deliberate
sequenced: my soul purpose is to please u
midimachine: like it's a self-aware parody of dubstep
sequenced: i can die now

337 [System Failure] 337 [System Failure]

Rated 4 / 5 stars

splendidly paced, loving the juxtaposition of that dry filtered snare & the spacious synths and strings. the croaky noises in the first half feel too loud and the initial transition into the 2nd section is probably too dry, maybe soak those phone sounds in reverb at first and then fade the reverb out with that last tone or something?

the climax is stunning, really nice use of complimentary textures. it could be much longer and build more i think, currently the ending feels sorta stunted and rushed.

solid work overall.

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Chemiqals responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Some really awesome suggestions here. I'll be sure to go back and mess around with these ideas tonight. =)

I'm glad you enjoyed it overall as well!

Your Story Your Story

Rated 5 / 5 stars

this speaks to me on so many levels

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TheBetterAudioPortal responds:

We can all be gay together.