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Pixel Demolition Pixel Demolition

Rated 2 / 5 stars

ok let me elaborate on what tweedledum has mentioned below:

after about 10 seconds in there's a lot of different melody parts and riffs playing at the same time without many breaks and it goes for the whole song like that. that's difficult to listen to because our brains are dumb, and it also creates dissonance at certain parts because the riffs aren't designed with counterpoint or obligato in mind. individually, each of the parts are decent - why not spread them out across the track more and give the song some more definite structure? the part at 1:21 is really well done and sounds great cause there's one cool melody with a subtle counterpoint and simple arpeggios and it works! wish it was longer tho.

also the drums don't sound very good cause the synths are too loud so when everything hits the master limiter (or 0dB if ur a dum dum and don't have a master limiter) the attack of the kick and snare gets squished under all the crunchy synth stuff.

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Edman520 responds:

Yea I noticed those things especially with the drums. Thanks for the feedback!

some psy trance some psy trance

Rated 5 / 5 stars

needs more phasers

seriously tho that 303-alike synth is on point.

Sequenced responds:


how to make #1 on itunes how to make #1 on itunes

Rated 5 / 5 stars

needs more lil jon

Sequenced responds:

needs more cock

I am the greater audio portal I am the greater audio portal

Rated 5 / 5 stars

no fart sample 0/10

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Sequenced responds:

I'm sorry

generic psy trance generic psy trance

Rated 5 / 5 stars

dok dok dok dok dok dok dok dok

Sequenced responds:

It's catchy

Sierra Rising - Mara Sierra Rising - Mara

Rated 3 / 5 stars

hats are suuuuuper loud! i thought it was weird the way they sway at first but i ended up enjoying that a lot, though if they sat under the kick/snare instead of on top it'd be better. i don't think the piano reverb is an issue, actually it kinda blurs the notes out and makes them sit really nicely with the pad sound. the kick could do with some boosting, just to bring it a little bit below the snare (which is perfect btw).

the main thing with your melody is that you have very few repeated phrases at all within it, and since it's a really long melody it makes it hard to remember. you also use some strange voice leadings which clash with the underlying chords (e.g. 3m14s). my rule of thumb is if you can sing or hum it out loud it's probably a good melody. honestly if your melody and chord progression was half as long and you just repeated it twice it'd already improve things quite a lot!

overall your sound design is pretty interesting, and you've identified melodies as a weakness already. keep it up!

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SierraRising responds:

I´ll be sure to lower the hats next time. Actually the high end in general could have probably been lower, come to think of it.
I never thought of singing or humming my melodies out, that´s really cool. The melody actually does repeat twice, and I probably should have left a bit more memorable repetition, it´s just that repetition has been a huge problem for me and I wanted to end that.

Thank you very much for the review, it means a lot to me!

Liquid piano 2000 Liquid piano 2000

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

this would sound 1000x times better if the piano was something like that old thin alice deejay 90s pulse lead and the kick was way louder and the water/bird noises were really soft (cause they sound kinda dumb, soz) w/ more reverb.

snare rushes without a crash or something to finish them off sound really weird. the last two notes on the pan flute are redundant cause your melody already resolves to the tonic and there's no chords underneath to give them context. but overall i actually quite like this cause i've been listening to (and making!) heaps of twee dance tunes lately.

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UserSigon responds:

I thought about making it into a really dance track with saw pulse leads and stuff but I wanted to keep the original theme of the piano
The kick is intentionally softer, so you're kinda right this is not a dance song but at the same time it tries to be but fails hard; it's just a weird mix but I kinda like it

Gotcha on the snare rolls, thanks for the tip. It did sound weird, but couldn't figure out how to fix it. I think I understand what you mean for the last two notes (if you mean the real last two notes of the song); it's A) i should have added chords at the end or; B) i should have ended 2 notes before, since it was the tonic C# anyway

thank you bro this was helpful

Cosmos traveler Cosmos traveler

Rated 2 / 5 stars

lots of confusing rhythms for a trancey breakbeat thing. take fruity limiter off while you're mixing cause there are clearly some instruments that are too loud and end up taking precedence in the compressed mix. like it just sounds really messy compared to a more the sound design is ok but feels very preset, that string progression is not super interesting either. i do like that soft rolling piano sound and the rough bass. duck the bass synth under the kick so the low frequencies aren't slopping all other each other, though.

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CrisTheGamer responds:

Thank you, I will take your advice and I will adjust the volume for my next song.

~SW~ Annar ~SW~ Annar

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

you say you focused more on melody (which pays off in a lot of aspects btw) but this still feels technical and unrelenting like most of your other stuff and has plenty of atmosphere to boot. the breakdown is definitely my favourite part.

the drum programming and polymetric counterpoint make for a challenging listen in all the right ways, yet everything has a really well defined place in the track despite the mixing caveats. i think the sound design is a bit weaker than your usual output, but the crunchy pad and pseudo-guitar lead are totally on point. really nice work!

SkyeWint responds:


I guess it is pretty unrelentingly technical. Honestly, I was slightly worried I was overdoing it with some of the runs since I was slightly emulating PirateCrab and Kor-Rune in the pseudo-guitar work (definitely Kor-Rune with the drums). Half of me wishes I had an actual guitar and the other half of me is like "lol no way I could play that well".

The drum programming was easily some of the hardest stuff in this - I really wanted a rhythmic counterpoint going along with the melodies and similar. A lot of the time it mirrors the melody's rhythms and even plays along with the toms a few times.

Funny thing about the mixing btw: When I started mastering, I found that I had mixed it almost completely consistent with an even frequency distribution: white noise almost perfectly mirrored it, with the one caveat of the bass being slightly heavier (as normal). Normally the treble of my tracks are slightly lacking or the mids are. One of the two. So this made it super easy to master it with ridiculously high amounts of limiting, hence why it's loud as all hell without really being muddy much at all.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

it's kinda just a bunch of random default FL sounds thrown together innit? haha

there's a certain quirky lo-fi charm to it and that constant 808 kick gives it some consistency - if you boosted that kick and made the tail shorter so that some of the other instruments ducked behind the beat you'd be able to make a pretty interesting deep/future house track out of this. i also liked the way you used the pitched snare on top of the melody, got a real pc music vibe about it.

work on your intro, builds and outro though cause those parts were kinda random and shitty in this song. the percussion is also kinda dry and doesn't really fit with that supersaw melody which is drowning in reverb - gradually drowning all your percs in reverb and then cutting the reverb entirely just before a drop is a actually a cool thing to do for buildups!

IPSBLT responds:

Haha,not really ;D But you can say your random feeling starts from my idea.In this song i used stuffs i've never used before,like Sakura or Toxic Biohazard;and also toms,industrial snares and hits.
To be honest,i dont really think my work here is that random and shitty...But yeah,i'll try to improve on the next song because this song is just an experiment anyway!!!
Thanks! (definitely try future house next :)