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Through the Bamboo Through the Bamboo

Rated 2 / 5 stars

i think some of those .ds instruments are out of tune with each other
mainly the bass. i don't think you meant for it to be like that.
maybe you should explore eastern harmonies and temperaments though!
the transition into un tiss un tiss stuff was pretty nasty and not really thought through i think. really stock sounding drums too, the backbeat sound is nice though.
the growly reese synth was cool as well. the whole thing needs more work though

Solisio responds:

I really appreciate your comment. It seems like you know what you're talking about. Send me a message sometime :)

Cthulhu Surfaces Cthulhu Surfaces

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

LOVED IT until the we will rock you claps at 1:15-ish, then they went away and i think i loved it again
i think that section is just generally out of place in this.

actually consistency is an issue, though i kinda like the constant development. i think maybe this piece is just in the wrong order, haha.
mix sounds great! that reverb has the perfect balance between bright and smooth. good work!

headphoamz responds:

Sweet! Thanks midi! I lol'ed at WE Will Rock You drums. Sometimes experiments can go either way with people. :)

Northwing Fury III Northwing Fury III

Rated 3 / 5 stars

the guitars have all this attitude and strength in their sounds but they aren't matched by the drums, the snare feels particularly. i think it's just a volume thing, because the individual drum hits sound pretty good. try bringing the guitars down and maybe taking out some midrange and a bit of treble (like, -2dB at the most) from the guitar so that the snare really snaps through everything

more definition for the bass would be nice, like i think it'd be better with a more picked sound to match the surf-rock rhythm of the drums (which i really like btw). going back to the drums, i think some use of the open hi-hat would be good... also thought it was weird how you panned the closed hat and pedal hat on opposite sides, but i guess there's nothing inherently wrong with that. generally rock/metal drums are panned left to right based on where the drums are positioned relative to the audience (or sometimes relative to the drummer).

so yeah, the disjointed feeling of the drums is mainly a product of the guitars being too loud, i think. except the drum solo in the middle felt pretty unnatural (i would never try to write a drum solo like that with single-hit drum samples tbh). that space-marimba sorta sound at the end was cool!

Blacklawn responds:

I see. I'll keep those things in mind, thanks!

Point of Time Point of Time

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

dubwave :v
that pad is beautiful. last section is double amazing, love those thin raspy arps in the background
not really sure what you could polish about this... maybe it's a bit muddy in that last part? also length. hah.

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SineRider responds:

haha thanks man!

I'm pretty content with the length and arrangement, I just feel the mixing could use some time. But I was exporting this at like 11:40 and had 20 minutes to get it uploaded in time!

A Storm Over Lavender Lane A Storm Over Lavender Lane

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

i like that it's "classical" on NG but not "cinematic"
yeah that glissando is a bit nonsense haha, everything else is well sequenced though. maybe a few timing and velocity "errors" in the fast runs would make it just a little bit more human sounding? nothing drastic though. i think the piano could do with a teeeny bit of EQ just to roll off some of the low end from the piano... sometimes the hammer-ey sound kinda punches me in the gut through the subwoofer haha

another thing is that i didn't really like the reverb you used, would've preferred something a little less cavernous... shorter decay time with a teeny tiny predelay would be really nice. the quiet middle section (~1:09) is really playful but i feel like the reverb sucks some of the life out of it. like, if it was played in a packed concert hall i just think the reverb would more subtle in the audience.

ANYWAY it was really really good and i loved how playful and lively the whole thing was. nice one!

headphoamz responds:

Hey thank ya! Yeah, I thought it was definitely more Classical than Cinematic. I know what you mean about the reverb, too - I just enjoy that long, drawn-out piano sound, I guess. :) Thanks for writing such a detailed review here, makes me happy. :P

Claudius Claudius

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

love the development in this. i think there should've been more of an introduction to that intro section - i feel like big, epic orchestrations like that lose their sense of scale when they're presented on their own. so in that sense the long build of the second half was more enjoyable for me

lots of nice textures threaded together here. really liked the way the harp kinda pulls away with that pause at ~ 1:02 and again at ~1:11, the way the oboe slides into the arrangement after that last pause is wonderful. that final cadence was pretty great! don't like that the render cuts off without letting the timpani finish ringing out, though :v

v solid work.

The Cry of Eden The Cry of Eden

Rated 4 / 5 stars

gonna just say things that come to mind as i listen:
not a fan of the piano reverb
snare could have a bit more... snare?
pan those hats too, maybe. all the other drums are panned nicely (but not used enough imo)
solo guitar reverb is also kinda ott and not nice-sounding
is the guitar double tracked? needs to be wider i think.
actually the rhythm guitar lacks definition in general, imo
transition out of the middle section at 2:25 needs some kinda drumfill to grease the change between sections a bit
oh, but the piano sounds much nicer all ghosty and reverby in that later section
yeah other than that it's pretty cool!

RealFaction responds:


Come Again Come Again

Rated 2 / 5 stars

really should carve some envelope into that sub bass, or at least duck it under the kick
i like all the filtered reflections that come through on the right after about 1:30

overall though the sound design needs way more effort. it sounds like someone who doesn't really listen to much dance music trying to make what they think dance music sounds like with 3xosc presets. but i guess the description kinda says it all haha

Northwing Fury II Northwing Fury II

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

hey now this is more up my alley
the amens sound great! the only real problem is that i can't tell where the downbeat is until the guitar comes in :v
though maybe you were going for that? it feels like some of the early squarepusher stuff where he just cut loose in the drum solos.
the bass sounds plenty bassy to me

Blacklawn responds:

Looks like I always gain half a star with every review of yours, haha... Well, it's good to know I'm improving.

I wanted the drum solo to be furious and chaotic, but I guess some people think I've overdone it. Maybe I should tone it down.

I'm sorry, buuuutttt..... I'm sorry, buuuutttt.....

Rated 3 / 5 stars

sounds like you played it hammered in the studio too haha
if this mix was a group of friends, the brass would be that really loud guy who always interrupts a good conversation with some obnoxious bullshit you don't care about.
i would be too embarrassed to listen to this ever again
punk as fuck but. it was ok!

FustigateM responds:

this mix is a group of friends ;)

the fun is all in the live shows anyways haha.

the trombone does seem to throw alot of people off though... I 'spose im going to have to call a band meeting to talk to him about it.

oh, and we were hammered in the studio, and we didn't plan on recording this track, but we had some extra time so we did.

thanks for the feedback man! i'll make sure to return the favor.