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Bloodline Bloodline

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

lovely :)

Not much to add. My thoughts have already been expressed :)

I think if you were to add vocals it'd be difficult to do since all you have is the wav file (hopefully unmastered) to track on top of. It might be easier to not bother.

In any case, thanks for sharing this with us! :D

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I'm Gonna Kill Santa Claus I'm Gonna Kill Santa Claus

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

very slick

This is dying for a lead guitar lick somewhere and a real drummer!

I thought the vocals were definitely the best part. Very nice early Blink/general early 90's punk tone. Love the harmonies, the timing could've been tighter on the double tracking but you still did really well.

Good stuff, good job on AP #1 :)

giftedbuttwisted responds:


The Nintendo Concerto (Part 1) The Nintendo Concerto (Part 1)

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

very meh.

Honestly it sounds like you slapped the scores from some MIDI files together and changed all the instruments to piano. It's definitely not been arranged properly for piano, some parts are flat out impossible to play on one piano in one performance. Maybe you transcribed this stuff yourself but it doesn't really sound like you did.

The song list is well thought out, I'll give you that much.

darphfluffy responds:

this was just the beginning. this is how i learned

&amp;lt;Zanarkand&amp;gt; <Zanarkand>

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

So... what's new?

It sounds as though you just added some spatial effects to a midi file you found on the internet and sped it up a bit. It's been done. To be fair, I think you have something going with the omitted right hand in the beginning. Having said that, it could only ever reach its potential in an original arrangement. On the GM piano it sounds so dull and lifeless. The reverb doesn't really do much for me (too wet imo). You should definitely automate sustain controls and maybe tempo fluctuations. Also try to offset the timing of some notes by a very small amount to make it sound more natural, espescially in chords.

After about 1m30s I don't really feel like I need to listen to it any further because I know already how it's going to pan out. If you do more VG tune covers in the future (and I think you should to get more practice) you should arrange them differently to give them your own personal touch and to keep the listener on their toes.

Keep it up.

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Champius responds:


thanks for your in depth review its appreciated!

and yes the omitted left hand i thought would fit better than the intro that the other 100 versions of this start with,

i see what you mean by dull and lifeless but, i sort of wanted that feel.......i tried making the song itself be as if it were background music in a temple in the game.....if you know what i mean....

i did also add quite a few of my own touches to the song, many of them after 1:30

as for everything else, i'd say that's more of a preference issue....


thanks for the review : ]

WS - It's Only Fair WS - It's Only Fair

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

v v v nice

I love the Binary Star meets Portishead meets Cat Empire vibe. My main concern is that the beat feels unnatural on account of the skip which seems to not swing enough and the fact that the kick sound doesn't vary at all in that skip really. If this is part of a breakbeat maybe use the normal rhythm and if it's a bunch single hit samples arranged with some very smart processing then use another very similar kick in the second skip to give it more character and also offset the timing a fraction more behind the beat.

Awesome work! :)

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Winter's Debilitating Grip Winter's Debilitating Grip

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I love the feel and how it decays into glitchy stuttering. The 909 ride groove is hot.

The progression is hot, gorgeous chords on a gorgeous synth pad.

I would've liked more distortion on the percs to give them a nastier edge but then I guess the glitching does that. It's sensible, well thought out glitching not that "let dblue's randomizer do all the work for me" glitching.

Loved this from start to finish. Great work!

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Solus- Hardly Known, Yet Loved Solus- Hardly Known, Yet Loved

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

very nice

Gorgeous progression. I can rarely do sentimental and contemplative stuff anywhere near this good.

I do think you should sequence some very slight timing offsets on certain notes in chords to get rid of that ugly peakey attack when several notes play at the exact same time. They'll also sound way more natural if you offset them in certain ways. You probably already knew this but 'tever, just throwin' it out there.

Well done, as usual :)

SolusLunes responds:

You are exactly right. Normally I do exactly that.

Completely slipped my mind this time. :p

Goddamn I can be retarded sometimes.

All We Want [WIP] All We Want [WIP]

Rated 4 / 5 stars

a very good start :)

I enjoyed the quirks in your melody and progression. I like how the pan pipe sample goes down in pitch slightly when it decays at the end but I'm not sure if that's because you're using a reverb effect for the decay or because you just intentionally shifted the pitch at the particular moment.

As a general rule for mixing down unmastered versions of stuff I try to keep the master peak at -10 and then use an excellent free VST compressor called endorphin to raise the volume, since that plugin was designed from the start to never clip.

What you have now is rather nice, keep it up :D

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Blackhole12 responds:

I actually did deliberately decrease the pitch.

The problem being I should probably figure out how to properly master my songs first.

Just By The Road Just By The Road

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


I like the way you build the atmosphere at the start.

I was worried about the 4x4 kick cominh in too loud but the way it comes to rest softly in the background is clever.

It could do with a little more variation but as it stands it's a subtle and well thought out tune :)

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-Frenzy- -Frenzy-

Rated 2 / 5 stars


I'll forget that this is in pretty much no way industrial (it's more like electro house with trancey synth presets) and tell you what I honestly think of it.

(Brace yourself, btw.)

Overcompressed. Not the punchy and powerful overcompressed sound typical of electro house stuff. It's the all too common "I put too much reverb and delay on everything and didn't really think about the levels and it started clipping so I threw a default compressor preset on the master bus" sound.

The drums and chord progressions are uninspired even for dance music. The sounds you used have no real personality, they're nothing that hasn't been heard on this site a thousand times before. Okay, so technically the composition isn't bad but it's very bland and forgettable and those preset sounds do nothing to aid the replayability.

Don't get me completely wrong now, there are some good ideas in here (e.g. the bassline rhythm is pretty neat) but the main problem here is the lack of originality and dynamic variation. I mean, post-compression I can pull the play marker to any random part of the song and with few exceptions it will be the have the same volume and tonality. You know how to use automation so use it more liberally and in more appropriate places! Cutoff fade on the square lead at the end is ugly unless you fade the volume out some before it gets to the point where the cutoff value hits the sound's fundamental frequency.

Fair enough, dull and insipid trance/dance/whatever tracks on NG are a dime a dozen and I'm not this harsh on all of them. It's pretty clear that you're at a stage where you should know what you're doing but for whatever reason you've not really made any ground with this new track.