A Question for Chiptune Fans!

2013-08-07 04:17:04 by midimachine

HEY. what do you think of CHIPTUNES and VOCALS put together?

i ask cause j. arthur keenes is releasing his first full length album on the 10th and shirobon recently came back to the scene with a really slick track with sweet vocoder-ey bits. these dudes are kinda polar opposites in terms of their implementation of both vocals and chip sounds, but both seem really well received.

NOW some of you might've heard my chip stuff under the alias Victory Road, and if you have that's fucking cool of you. IF NOT then idk just check out the newest song of mine on NG right on my profile or on the front page cause that's where it is at the moment. btw it's getting taken down eventually cause it'll be on the next victory road release. OH but SPEAKING OF WHICH, the next v-road release will be fuckin JAM PACKED with vocals, BUT i'm thinking of including instrumentals for you knobs that don't like vocals.

anyway tl;dr: chiptune with vocals, y/n?

oh, and like my shit on facebook for more frequent Victory Road updates loooool

A Question for Chiptune Fans!


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2013-08-07 16:53:40

Whoa, good to hear things are jumping! Yeah, I like vocals with chipstep. One example might be http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5j3RNdBq48&amp ;list=PLBEB27EBBE9726D7C Apoptygma Berserk.

Eh, I grew up with that kinda music in the 80's, so I'll always have a soft spot for it.

midimachine responds:

that song was cool!
MAN, 80s synthpop is totally my jam. especially the cheesier stuff like yazoo and pet shop boys


2013-08-08 08:52:34

Chiptunes and vocals?
That sounds awful.
Seriously, the worst songs off Anamanaguchi's bew album were only terrible because they had vocals.

midimachine responds:

hah okay, i thought those were the best songs on endless fantasy tbh :v
the old lineup of the guch did a cover of holiday by weezer for a compilation. it's a good version!


2013-08-11 21:27:28