hey guys i need 4 cents okay

2013-06-17 05:08:19 by midimachine

yes it's true

anyway here is my cat she is called tesla and she is trying to have sits in a bad place but i think she can get down although i don't know how she got up there

hey guys i need 4 cents okay


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2013-06-17 08:27:28



2013-06-17 08:44:13

My cat likes to jump on shelves too. He is a rather big cat and he is scared of jumping down so I always have to pick him up from there and slowly bring him back to the ground ^^

midimachine responds:

tesla is pretty much fearless except for vacuum cleaners and my rc dalek

kitties are great!


2013-06-17 17:44:41

Tesla is a great name for a cat!


2013-06-29 05:56:33

how did it get there in first place?

midimachine responds:

equal parts jumping and scurrying


2013-07-01 10:26:17

the sun is on your penis

midimachine responds:

it's all the sunshine that i've neglected to blow up people's assholes lately


2013-07-04 11:09:18

i wuv u


2013-07-05 07:12:01

since when did you become a mod? o.O

midimachine responds:

like fucking 18 months ago lol