Perpetual Motion EP Out Now

2013-04-01 10:38:40 by midimachine n

It's basically a short concept album about Minecraft (sort of!).
The production is based around simple, warm virtual-analog sounds which morph and fluctuate a lot, combined with more contemporary arrangements of electronic percussion.

Pay what you want n all that. Get amongst it!

Perpetual Motion EP Out Now


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2013-04-01 16:15:24

it's shit

midimachine responds:

ur shit lolol


2013-04-01 23:00:20

its not shit, it's different and original and if you like this kind of music buy it support indie culture.

midimachine responds:



2013-04-02 13:35:46

Perpetual Motion is a song by legendary band Comus.

And turns out it's a great EP from you! Congrats. Liked it very much.


2013-05-10 20:45:30

awwh yeah just copped this, gunna listen to it a bit later!


2013-05-20 13:20:04

this is great


2013-06-12 11:03:05

Didnt listen but i wanted to comment on that the picture is very blurry :( use a better photocamera maybe hmm.

Also thanks for the mature response on my chip question topic on the forums. :)

Also greets cal.

midimachine responds:

its a blur effect on minecraft screenshot
but yea it actually looks dumb and i should've put more effort into the artwork haha