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Waiting for the Bus! Waiting for the Bus!

Rated 4 / 5 stars September 15, 2009



Chuck vs Echo Chuck vs Echo

Rated 5 / 5 stars July 26, 2009


You got a 6/10 for being unoriginal from a fan of fucking _Madness_ of all things.

The people on this website are retarded.

Nice toon though.

Parliament Deathmatch Parliament Deathmatch

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars June 29, 2009

bipartisan hilarity!

I'll make sure to watch Q&A in the future to see this there, this was great :)

Recent Game Reviews

TR-808 TR-808

Rated 2 / 5 stars March 14, 2014

i tried to make something like this but with a sequencer a few years ago, the main problem i ran into was that there's way too much latency to be able to play properly. also doesn't always like to play the sound, especially if you want to trigger the same one in quick succession.

would be nice if the closed hat gated the open hat too. but latency would probably screw around with that too :v

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Ryuno074 responds:

About the latency, could you tell me what browser you are using? The people who tested it for me on Chrome, Firefox and Opera didn't experience it, so I'm curious as what could have happened and if there are workarounds.

>would be nice if the closed hat gated the open hat too. but latency would probably screw around with that too :v
I actually tested that feature earlier, but it didn't work for Chrome. The information Construct 2 sended as "stop Open Hat" was interpreted as "stop all sounds and don't play Closed hat either", so I had to remove it since Chrome is still a really big part of the "market". I'm still planning on having it for ports other than web, because it does sound much better and I don't think we'd find that incompatibility issue there.

My Nephew's First Project My Nephew's First Project

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars November 3, 2011

i drew a dick

it was amazing

Breakthrou Breakthrou

Rated 5 / 5 stars October 20, 2010

newgroundsy review

i gave this a 0 because there were no upgrades or achievements and there were no references to video game IPs or internet memes also when i was playing the first level my computer exploded you should fix that glitch!!!

Recent Audio Reviews

Don't Know How To Go On Don't Know How To Go On

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars 5 days ago

sounds like you bit off more than you could chew with the 3-part harmony. you have several distinct sections running back to back when really you could pick one part (the first eight bars are the best imo) and build a whole track around that.

if you need help with picking bass notes you can consult a trusty chord chart, since your "melody" is basically just a chord progression with a gate.

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Lethal-Input responds:

Yeah lol I intentionally tried to go for a longer melody than I've ever done before. I guess I'll keep experimenting with it and try a lot of things.

I had no trouble getting the bass melody down, it's just what I was trying to do with it the rhythm of it that was messing me up. Also I couldn't quite get the synth down. I did get the bass to sound decent though, but my main problem was getting the percussion down.

Only The Beginning (Extended) Only The Beginning (Extended)

Rated 4 / 5 stars May 11, 2014

love the thin pulse leads at the start
really need to hold off the kicks towards the end of those buildups. that first on beat after your buildup has to be immense; the continued kicks through that filter sweep are too predictive of that first kick in the next section so there's not as much anticipation and not much energy once you're out of the build.

not a fan of the really brittle backbeat sound either, got that big kick but hardly any snare.
all the melodic and complextro elements are kinda way too loud and the kick doesn't really seem to cut through it. the super saws are way overpowered!

so it does the whole slow down thing but i feel like it comes in way too soon, like you could've kept the straight dnb rolling for a lot longer. the buildup is nice but not really feeling the transition into the next section, again it doesn't really have that anticipation. as you say, the ending is kind of an afterthought. kinda dumb to do when you can just as easily end on a kick/crash/boom combo - sure it's cheesy but as far as abrupt, undecided endings go it sounds pretty good!

overall, really good sound design on the individual elements but the mix isn't super tight yet. structure is nice and different but needs a few variations in arrangement/dynamics carved in to make the transitions really moving. also maybe some more structural repetition?

Back-From-Purgatory responds:

Yeah, I'm still struggling to really get that big sound after a build up, where when the build up ends, it's like, "Whoa" sort of thing... I've been experimenting a lot with ways of achieving that, and I'll clearly be experimenting a bit longer yet to try get that down.

About the snare, I actually completely forgot to beef that up before I exported it... I had it in mind to add some more punch to it... then completely forgot to. I might go back and fix that and reupload a bit later.
The complextro stuff is completely new to me, I was debating sidechaining it a little bit to help the kick cut through because that's really the only way I could think of to get it to punch through the mix at that part short of a shit load of automated EQing on each and every individual bass patch... But it didn't really sound very good the way I tried sidechaining it, so I ended up leaving it as is. I'm certainly open to suggestions though.

I just wanted to stray away from typical ending sounds with this honestly, that's why I opted to go with an unconventional glitch out.

Mixing this was a nightmare, especially with the amount of variation throughout. I admit I could have spent a bit more time on mixing and EQ, and why I didn't isn't much more than me being lazy to be honest.

Thanks for the review.

Hotline Hotline

Rated 3 / 5 stars May 3, 2014

love your offbeat bass sound! the organ is pretty nice too.

the whole thing is very understated; it always felt like it was gonna build up to a more typical massive sidechained electro thing but it never did. which isn't really a bad thing per se but it ends up being kinda monotonous cause the melody isn't catchy or strong enough to carry everything.

some of the percussion sounds are a bit too dry, but i like your less-is-more approach to things (e.g. the volume of the reverse crash and the sparse hi-hats). a break without the kick drum would've been nice.

decent work overall

Lethal-Input responds:

Thanks for the feedback!