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The Better Audio Portal The Better Audio Portal

Rated 5 / 5 stars

this speaks to me on a deep emotional level

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Waiting for the Bus! Waiting for the Bus!

Rated 4 / 5 stars



Chuck vs Echo Chuck vs Echo

Rated 5 / 5 stars


You got a 6/10 for being unoriginal from a fan of fucking _Madness_ of all things.

The people on this website are retarded.

Nice toon though.

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TR-808 TR-808

Rated 2 / 5 stars

i tried to make something like this but with a sequencer a few years ago, the main problem i ran into was that there's way too much latency to be able to play properly. also doesn't always like to play the sound, especially if you want to trigger the same one in quick succession.

would be nice if the closed hat gated the open hat too. but latency would probably screw around with that too :v

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Ryuno074 responds:

About the latency, could you tell me what browser you are using? The people who tested it for me on Chrome, Firefox and Opera didn't experience it, so I'm curious as what could have happened and if there are workarounds.

>would be nice if the closed hat gated the open hat too. but latency would probably screw around with that too :v
I actually tested that feature earlier, but it didn't work for Chrome. The information Construct 2 sended as "stop Open Hat" was interpreted as "stop all sounds and don't play Closed hat either", so I had to remove it since Chrome is still a really big part of the "market". I'm still planning on having it for ports other than web, because it does sound much better and I don't think we'd find that incompatibility issue there.

My Nephew's First Project My Nephew's First Project

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

i drew a dick

it was amazing

Breakthrou Breakthrou

Rated 5 / 5 stars

newgroundsy review

i gave this a 0 because there were no upgrades or achievements and there were no references to video game IPs or internet memes also when i was playing the first level my computer exploded you should fix that glitch!!!

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Switch Switch

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

yea this is good - love the hints at other genres sprinkled throughout (esp. the psy and moombah stuff towards the end, neat af)

would've liked the bigroom kickbass to have a bit more... character i guess? just felt a bit static, would be good to have it throb just a little (lol, cock joke)

2nd drop was kinda disappointing, i'm thinking that a bit more overall dynamic shaping around that last beat before the reverse kick would be good to make the tension a bit more palpable and really sell the anticipation going into that first kick.

no comments on the mix, it's basically perfect. maybe don't duck the square melody so much when the kick isn't present (i.e. 1:48 - 2:02)? idk

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.:Superhero:. .:Superhero:.

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

reading the description and then listening to the track makes me question whether you actually know what a 2-step beat is - the first giveaway is that the snareclap (which is way too quiet in relation to the kick btw) isn't on the backbeat (i.e. beats 2 and 4 @ half-time). the kick is super busy and take the reverb off it, there's literally no reason to have a long reverb on a kick all the time in a track like this.

also you say there's a drop but the there's a kick rush and then a synth swell but nothing following it up except a weak synth bass and a siren effect that's too loud and out of time (yes you START the sample in time but everything about the articulation of that sample makes it out of time). protip: pulling everything back before the first big hit into the next section is essential for a good drop, but if you have everything dead for too long all the energy is lost and that big hit doesn't feel so big anymore. you don't even HAVE a big hit here, you just "drop" into 2 synths, a quiet filtered perc line and literally nothing else and at this point i feel like i'm being trolled. did you just forget to place drums?!

yes newgrounds is good for new people to git gud but it's also better if you upload stuff that's more or less completed, at least at a fundamental level. you even say "professionals didn't post their early stuff" - maybe there's a reason for that?

BlueAlpha14 responds:

I did place drums omg you people need earphones sometime XD
I actually make all my stuff listening via earphone, so I don't know what it sounds like with them off.
1. Yeah I did lower the volume on the snareclap, I was afraid it was getting too loud.
2. Okay, yeah the drop sucks. However, it was the best I could come up with. I probably should've used 3x Osc, I'll remember that next time.
3. I didn't think the siren was that loud but then again I can see why it was.
4. How the heck do you feel like you're being trolled? Do you think I would waste a couple days of my life if I was trolling?

Again, I benefit from reviews.


.:Heated:. .:Heated:.

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

- don't put so much reverb on everything! its ok for one or two things to have a lot of reverb but it's better to use less on drums. the long reverb on the lead and bubbly background sounds would be ok but it'd be much better if you turned down the wet mix (either in the mixer or on the plugin itself, your call)

- turn off the limiter on the master channel and then turn everything down so that the song never goes above 0dB (you'll see orange/red on the master volume meter when this happens). right now the main filtered lead is waaaaaay too loud, and for dance/"techno" stuff you want to kick drum to be louder than everything else by quite a lot! it'll sound weird at first BUT then you can turn the master limiter on again and you'll get all the loudness back into the everything else.

- good work tuning the kick drum to the key of your song (or tuning your song to the kick drum)! lots of people forget to do this and it drives me nuts. the major modulations in the main theme are actually pretty interesting too. the 5/4 polyrhythm on the fl slayer at 1:07 is cool but because that kick plays a syncopated rhythm too you need a snare or clap on the 2 and 4 in the drum pattern so that the main 4/4 pulse isn't lost.

tl;dr the mix is really really bad but you've got a bunch of good musical ideas in this.

BlueAlpha14 responds:

I'm actually impressed you know everything I did/used almost like you had a midi file of the track.
-Yeah I figured I made it way too amped. I guess I became obsessed with the mastering. I didn't know I could only apply it to the synths however.
-I only put it as Techno because I didn't want to put it as 'Experimental' or 'Miscellaneous'. I'm not that good at identifying genre's. But I may end up doing it. Thanks for telling me about the meter, I'll lower it.
-I didn't even fully understand, but I'm glad I did it right lol. I thought I wasn't using the FL Slayer correctly as it was only at the end. I kinda rushed the end because I was so worried I was gonna lose it and have to start over. I'll play around with some claps and snares to see how well it will work.
Thank you for the detailed review as it did help rather than saying it was good or bad. I will fix the issues and release an updated version tomorrow. I'll probably just update this submission. I hope you can listen to the updated version.