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"Forever the Optimist" - an EP of fucking fantastic 8-bit music I made.

2012-08-23 11:32:37 by midimachine

Yeah it's like the fuckin best thing ever. I did the shitty artwork myself, too. And it actually looks great. Fuck yeah, I'm pretty good.

So uhh, download that bad boy. Maybe give me dollars for it? More like DEFINITELY pay the fuck up for this awesome shit. fuck yeah

"Forever the Optimist" - an EP of fucking fantastic 8-bit music I made.


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2012-08-23 13:44:00

Your post sounds pretty pretentious bro, a bit sarcastic likely, but this is some awesome musicx3


2012-08-23 14:41:09

I always have a special place in my heart for chiptune like this. Nice shit


2012-08-24 14:11:46

This is win. :D


2012-08-25 13:24:50

eat a dick stratkat

whether it's sarcasm or not, it's totally justified. this dude knows how to rock the fuck out, don't be hating just cuz you can't handle it.

midimachine responds:

rock out with my cock out


2013-04-01 09:16:35

you are gay? seriously?